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PC File Server Alternative
Solutions for Backup, Storage and File Management

Synology DiskStations are a perfect alternative to more costly pc file servers.

PC File Server AlternativeBenefits of Synology DiskStations

Important Features of Synology DiskStations to replace a PC file server

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Today, most offices require the ability of storing data and having that data conveniently accessible amongst its employees. Traditionally, most offices would utilize a combination PC File and FTP Server, a system that requires high-maintenance. Typically businesses would have to budget a premium amount to achieve higher reliability and to have IT personal to maintain such a server.

With these concerns in mind, the Synology Server was designed from the ground up, not only to feature the capability of accessing data locally within networks, but even remotely via Synology’s Web-based File Station, or FTP Service. With many means of accessing data locally or remotely, Synology Servers are aimed for offices who want easy access to their data.

With Synology's auto-notification, and redundant RAID support, Synology Servers offer continuous reliability which reduces the total cost of ownership when contrasting against a traditional PC file servers. The additional functions of the Web File Manager, or the FTP Server, along with backup functions, make the Synology Server an ideal PC file server alternative for the networked office of today, allowing users to conveniently access their data anywhere, whether it is locally or remotely.