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Remote Access
Solutions for Backup, Storage and File Management

Remote AccessTake your data with you, on your own private cloud

Never again will you have to worry about leaving a file at home. The ease of accessing all your files, including photos and music on your phone or tablet, is now in your hands. Synology DiskStations offer more than storage- they offer constant accessibility. With remote access, you will have constant access to all of your data from home or work, anytime, through the internet.

Your own Private Cloud of Data, No Extra Charge

Forget the public cloud, monthly fees, and storage limits. With a DiskStation, you control your own data. You choose how much space you need, and when you need to add more space, expanding is easy. Best of all, your data is in your hands physically - for your access only.

Mobile Apps that Deliver your MultimediaMobile Apps that Deliver your Multimedia

Providing packages to help improve your data experience, we made it easier to access your data by providing mobile apps.

Cloud Station for Easy SynchronizationCloud Station for Easy Synchronization

Cloud Station is the solution that provides the easiest way to keep your files synchronized, across multiple devices. When you drop a file into Cloud Station, that file is automatically synced onto all your computers and mobile devices, as well as backed up to your DiskStation. Changes to the files in that folder get synced as well, and previous versions of the file get stored as well; if there is a mistake, the past version can easily be restored.. This is great for synchronizing between home and work, as well as creating shared folder for teams within the office.

Uploading and Downloading

Take advantage of DiskStations by easily upload and downloading files through the DiskStation Manager interface. Remote in using your web browser when you are outside your network to easily retrieve your files. Secure documents by uploading them from abroad through the same browser. By being able to upload and download files onto your computer on the go, you no longer need to lug around your storage devices- this reduces the risk of damaging or losing your data during travel. Instead, all you data is centralized.

Sharing FilesSharing Files

Create user names with passwords when you want to share data, and set privileges to share those specific files with them. Create a file link to allow users to download from your DiskStation, without the need to create an account. Utilize File Station by using the “Share file links” tool. The user will be able to click the link and download within a certain time frame you choose or have a password set. Sharing files through DiskStation Manager saves you the trouble of compressing files to fit them in an email, or uploading them to a paid cloud service.