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Central Management System
Solutions for Surveillance

Synology Central Management System (CMS) is designed for multi-site and multi-server surveillance deployments. CMS provides surveillance personnel with an effective solution to monitor and manage surveillance deployment of all scales.

The CMS hierarchy consists of a CMS host server who has total control over all other recording servers across different locations. IT administrators can enjoy the following benefits from CMS deployment.

Central Management System

Efficient Large-Scale SetupEfficient Large-Scale Setup

You may purchase a batch of cameras of the same model in surveillance projects for easy configurations. Surveillance Station offers the convenience to set up these cameras in one step. It is not only time-efficient but much more secure.

Manage Cameras in High Efficiency

Individually managing cameras is time consuming. On Surveillance Station, you can organize cameras into different groups to enhance management efficiency. IT administrators are also able to pinpoint camera locations more easily. For example, cameras in the same location can be grouped within a single Live View layout in one step. There is no need to add cameras individually. Camera groups can be used in Live View, TimeLine and CMS Setup.

Live View & Recording on CMS

Live View & Recording on CMS

Enjoy up to 49 channels of 1080p live view on each monitoring screen. Synology NAS servers act as dedicated NVR to host IP cameras and be deployed across different geological locations. The CMS host centralizes live feeds and recording footages to allow management via a single web portal.

  • Up to 49 channels of 1080p live view on single screen: Set up video wall in Full HD quality. Available on Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome for Windows.
  • See more live streams on one browser: Surveillance Station is now compatible with multiple live view windows in one single browser. Users now can enjoy different layouts and live feeds in various screens.
  • Playback recordings from various recording servers: Security personnel can search for specific recordings according to camera models, recording modes or video formats to greatly reduce required time and resources.

Privileges, E-Maps & NotificationsPrivileges, E-Maps & Notifications

Synology CMS makes managing a large-scale surveillance deployment much easier by covering all grounds, such as user privileges, e-maps and system notifications.

  1. Batch edit only applies to cameras of the same model.

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