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Synology Deep Learning NVR DVA3221
Deep Learning Video Analytics

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Synology NVR DVA3221 is an on-premises 4-bay desktop NVR solution that integrates Synology’s deep learning-based algorithms to provide a fast, smart, and accurate video surveillance solution. Built-in support for push notifications keeps users informed of possible intrusions, while the automated video surveillance system helps safeguard properties by detecting people, vehicles, and anonymous objects in designated areas.

  • Facial Recognition
    Provide enhanced tracking and greater security by categorizing and then identifying personnel in real-time
  • People & Vehicle Detection
    Build situational awareness by detecting people or vehicles in off-limit areas
  • People Counting
    Measure marketing effectiveness and optimize rental prices by monitoring foot traffic
  • Intrusion Detection
    Setup perimeter lines for automatic notifications when breaches occur
  • Easy and Flexible Integration
    Complete surveillance deployments in no time with support for over 7,600 IP cameras, H.264/H.265, and 4K resolution
  • Cross-Platform Support
    Access from anywhere and anytime with Windows, macOS, iOS™, Android and web browser support
  • Scalable Storage
    Expand with up to two DX517 expansion units for an additional 10 drive bays

Max Camera

32 camera feeds


6 real-time tasks


Up to 14 drives with two DX517

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