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Synology FX2421 Expansion Unit
On-the-Fly Storage Capacity Expansion for Synology FlashStation

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Synology FX2421 expansion units for Synology FlashStation1 make it easy to upgrade your allflash storage space with Synology enterprise SSD. Each 2U rackmount unit lets you add 24 additional 2.5” drive bays on the fly using an expansion cable. Synology FX2421 is the first 24 bay expansion unit to support Synology’s SAT5200 SATA SSD, allowing you to create a highly reliable and integrated storage setup, and receive long-term Synology updates and support. Synology FX2421 is backed by Synology’s 5-year limited warranty.

  • Seamless Storage Expansion
    24 additional drive bays available for online volume expansion on the fly for your Synology FlashStation
  • Best Fit With Enterprise-Grade Synology SSD
    Use with Synology SAT5200 SATA SSD for high performance, endurance, and verified compatibility
  • High-Reliability Design
    Modularized components including redundant power supplies and system fans ensure maximum uptime
  • Easy Hardware Setup
    Plug-and-play design and fast rack fixing lock support make upgrading storage space easy
  • Extended After-Sales Support
    Backed by Synology’s 5-year limited warranty

High-Density Unit for Easy Expansion and Backup

It is easy to expand your Synology FlashStation1 with Expansion Unit FX2421 for 24 additional 2.5” drive bays whenever needed. Without additional software configuration, FX2421 is immediately ready for use when connected to any Synology FlashStation. FX2421 expansion units can also be used as a dedicated and rapidly accessible local backup destination.

Expand FlashStation with Synology SAT5200 SSD

Synology SAT5200 SATA SSD, developed in tandem with FX2421, provides proven interoperability and high reliability through rigorous validation and compatibility testing with Synology Expansion Units. Synology’s SAT5200 solid state drive delivers up to 67,000 4K random write IOPS and enterprise-grade endurance at 1.3 DWPD. Combine SAT5200 drives with Synology FlashStation and FX2421 for a highly reliable and integrated storage setup, and receive long-term Synology updates and support.

High-Performance Data Transmission

The high-speed expansion cable provided with FX2421 enables high bandwidth connectivity for maximum data throughput between your Synology FlashStation and Expansion Unit. Drives in FX2421 operate with minimum data latency, as if installed directly on your Synology FlashStation, allowing you to take advantage of high SSD I/O performance.

High-Reliability Design, Easy Hardware Setup

The FX2421 is a highly reliable and thoroughly tested expansion unit that comes with hot-swappable drive trays and modularized components. Redundant power supplies and system fans can be replaced with ease to ensure maximum service uptime. The optional RKS1317 sliding rail kit provides fast rack fixing lock support for quick and secure rack cabinet installation.

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